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AskGalore Digital is one of the top Performance Marketing Agencies with a 100% focus on measurable ROI and client satisfaction. Our Performance Marketing services are  specially designed to resolve your business challenges. We are a creative firm at the heart which is greatly appreciated by clients.

Performance marketer

Our agency is a perfect blend of technology and creativity. Team of professionals having expertise in marketing strategy, digital marketing, lead generation, revenue generation, etc who create innovative strategies to help your business achieve objectives and results.

We as a Performance Marketing Agency create the whole plan for your brand and run it for you, using specific goals and metrics to establish which marketing campaigns are performing well and which need to be improved and changed. 

We make innovation and technology more interesting with the help of creative Digital Marketing Strategies and provide you with cost-effective strategies to solve all your disruptions. 

AskGalore not only boosts your growth but also provides you with an edge over the competition.

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance Marketing is a part of Digital Marketing that refers to online marketing and advertising programs in which an advertiser pays the marketing company when the specific action is effectively done. In organic or traditional marketing advertising fees do not depend on a specific action completion. So, Performance Marketing is the most measurable way to fill the gap between marketing programs to results.

How is Performing Marketing different?

In the traditional form of advertising, an adviser spends thousands of dollars without ever seeing the results and conversions. But with Performance Marketing, advisers only pay for successful transactions its complete strategy depends on the payment structure.

What are the Benefits of Performance Marketing?

Performance Marketing is the most measurable way to fill the gap between marketing programs to results. Benefits of Performance marketing over traditional methods –

a. Pay when the results are achieved

Only pay for the results rather than indefinite overhead actions instead of paying for advertisement in an organic way, the company pays by measuring the number of clicks and how well the Ad performs. As the name tells its marketing is based on performance.

b. Better planning

One of the beforehand task is to set targets at an ideal cost per action, performance marketing initiatives are simple to budget for. Ads are based on campaign goals, whether it is lead, click, impression, or something else.

c. New platforms to discover

Single marketing platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn is used but rather than that marketer can also go for a performance marketing agency to broader the network

d. Tracking Performance

The companies keep track of the amount of money spent as well as the number of clicks and impressions received. Marketers can use the data to determine the return on investment.

e. Knowledge of targeting audience

Knowledge of each creative platform with the target audience is a huge asset, performance marketing allows the marketer to track the amount of money spent as well as the number of clicks and impressions received.


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Ultimately, our brand communications strategy is about getting to know your targeted audience, crafting the right message, and most importantly, making sure you are present on the right channels. that give perfect results. Get more memorable for your brand experiences, which lead to more significant sales.



We carefully strategize for an exact target audience. Due to our precise selection, people will not feel marketed. They will always feel communicated for their needful desired products or services.



CTAs or call to action is also good ways to generate and convert leads. We optimize and enhance your landing page for making it convenient for your clients. Call-to-action must be action-oriented, compulsive and relevant to your targeted market. These all will convert visitors into your client.

Performance-based Digital Marketing Process


The ultimate goal is to improve your conversion rate and increase sales.


Selection of demographics, language, location, preferences, interests, etc.


We Research competitors’ strengths, weaknesses and marketing strategies.


Broad variety of Digital Marketing Channels are available. Choosing the right channels to get the best ROI for you.


Content is the foundation. We craft research-based ideas into high-value collateral and then promote those pieces.


Measuring your digital marketing success & optimizing it continuously to get ultimate incredible results.

Channels Used For
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

We run paid ad campaigns on various social media platforms like- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and many more based on the geographic presence of products or services & targeted audience.

Search Engine Marketing

Askgalore takes care of search engine marketing for your business on google, bing and other search engines for your products and services. We run paid ads like search, display, lead generation ads on your target locations to provide high-quality leads.

YouTube Video Marketing

96% of consumers increased their online video consumption.
At present market trend YouTube is too popular. We market you on YouTube through your product or services video ads that directly target your prospective audience segment to generate leads.

Growing Business with Performance Marketing

We as Performance Marketing Company use specific goals and metrics to establish which marketing campaigns are performing well and which need to be improved and changed. We plan campaigns and execute them to generate leads and give favorable and targeted results. Here are some of the key benefits of Performance Marketing that one should know in order to avail the services. These are-

  1. Its Measurable and Trackable
    In Performance Marketing, the advertiser or the marketer only pays for successful transactions. Each transaction is based on the consumer taking a defined action, such as making a purchase from the advertiser or signing up for a subscription. Instead of spending money to advertise your product through traditional media and not knowing if those ads generate sales, you will be able to track every click. The trackability of performance marketing isn’t based on estimates but on accurate results.
  2. Extend your Reach with Performance Marketing
    Performance Marketing helps you to extend your reach since the agencies and advertisers use advanced methods to do the marketing. You may find that sales are increased when your message is targeted to specific groups and vertical markets. Performance marketing basically works to generate leads for you.
  3. It helps diversify your revenue stream
    Instead of simply relying on your existing sales channels, you will have other methods for generating revenue. This can be valuable in tough economic times, especially if sales begin to lag in other channels

What does a Performance Marketer do?

A  Performance Marketer plan and manage performance marketing to bring desired outcomes. Here are some of the key responsibilities that a Performance Marketer has in order to bring results for their clients. These are-

  • They create and execute a strong performance marketing strategy & execution plan.
  • They develop and manage digital prospecting and remarketing campaigns.
  • They manage budgets and campaigns across all digital channels to drive strong ROI.
  • They ensure successful planning, execution and optimization for key traffic KPIs.
  • They create & optimize paid ads strategy to meet your business goals & objectives
  • Drive app acquisition and engagement efficiencies through campaigns using targeting techniques, innovation, and creative excellence.

Payment Models Used in Performance Marketing

Payment models in media buying can be set by the publisher or platform, and advertisers can decide how much they are willing to bid for their desired result.
The models are –
– Pay Per Click
– Cost Per Click
– Cost Per Thousand

Pay per click (PPC): In this method, the advertiser pays for clicks that take the audience to the advertiser’s page. This is used in paid search engine results.
Cost per click (CPC): It is a Key Performance Indicator(KPI) that marketers use to understand how efficiently their media buys are performing.
Cost per thousand (CPM): Cost per Thousand is a calculation of the price a marketer pays per 1,000 impressions. This can be used when the goal of the campaign is to increase product or brand awareness.

Advertisers opt for different channels for performance marketing and then pay based on the conversions and results. Some different ways for performance marketing :

1. Cost Per Action (CPA)

The CPA network connects affiliated with the business that wants their product promoted. The Cost Per Action marketing is affiliated with a model where the commission is paid when the task comes to a specific action. The network of CPA works differently from one another, it is important for advertisers and affiliates to choose the platform wisely which is reputated and reliable. So, CPA is one of the most important and popular metrics.

2. Cost Per Click (CPC)

Advertisers pay on the basis of how many viewers have clicked on the ad. CPC is one of the best ways of performance marketing as the viewer has actually taken the action and clicked on the ad. The cost per click is expensive but the results are much higher. . The action taken by the potential customers is considered the most important for the desired outcome.

3. Cost Per Impression (CPI)

Cost Per Impression refers to the rate that the advisers agree to pay per 1,000 views of an advertisement. The pay is charged on each appearance on the ad rather than per click, the appearance is counted as one impression.

4. Cost Per Sales (CPS)

Cost Per Sales is an online advertisement pricing system where the website owner only pays on the basis of the number of sales that are generated through an advertisement. This system is also commonly used in affiliated marketing.

5. Cost Per Lead (CPL)

With Cost Per Lead to pay when someone signs up for any credential like webinars, emails, etc. Cost Per Lead generates leads after which you take to follow up with customers.

6. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

The Cost Per Acquisition is a growing marketing metric that aggregates the cost of a user taking an action that leads to a conversion. In most cases, it could be for sale, sign-ups, purchases, etc.

CPA= Total Advertising cost/ Total number of conversions.

What Channels are used in Performance Marketing

Channels of Communication are very important in any marketing. Be it traditional or digital marketing, communication channels play an important role. The channels used by Performance Marketers to do the Performance Marketing are-
1. Display Ads (Banners)
Online Display Ads are the new way of advertising. Display Ads appear on the top of or on the side of the website you visit or your Facebook and social media newsfeed. Marketers are coming up with innovative ideas for display advertising that utilize interactive content, videos, and engaging graphic design. Ads appear on the sides of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Many companies find it the best way for marketing. These display ads utilize interactive content, videos, graphic design, and many for technologies.
2. Native Advertising
Native Marketing has the advantage of the natural appearance of a web page or site to promote sponsored content. For example – on YouTube, after watching a video you get the options “watch next”. Native advertising works best because it allows your sponsored content to live seamlessly beside other kinds of organic content. Native advertising allows the sponsored content to live seamlessly beside other organic content. Often, users fail to differentiate between these kinds of content which helps to promote the brand in a way that feels natural.
3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search engine marketing (SEM) is very important in terms of Digital Marketing. The primary focus of performance marketers is on cost-per click (CPC), especially for paid advertising. For organic SEM, many performance marketers rely on content marketing and SEO-optimized landing pages.
4. Content Marketing
Educating your audience through relevant content is known as content marketing. Content marketing provides useful information to users and puts your brand in context. Content Marketing includes e-book , blog , case study etc.Content marketing focuses on educating the audience. The objective is to provide useful information to users and put the brand in context. Content marketing includes blog posts, case studies, e-books,and etc.
5. Social Media
Social Media offers ample opportunities to reach users and drive them to the website. It allows users to share your sponsored content organically, extending the reach.

Why work with a Performance Marketing Agency?

Working with advertisers and publishers is okay, but working with a Performance Marketing Agency opens a wider gateway to take your business to a higher level in less time. Here are some of the key benefits of opting for a Performance Marketing Agency-

1. Data-Driven Results
2. Digitally Native
3. Advanced Technology
4. Expert Advice

1. Data-Driven Results
Performance marketing means generating leads, driving sales and conversions. The agencies are data-driven. When you work with a performance marketing agency, you can clearly track your results and spending.
2. Digitally Native
A Performance marketing agency always keeps digital marketing at the core. This is what it is meant for. Our expertise comes in understanding the online mechanisms used to market your brand and services.
3. Advanced Technology
A Performance marketing agency leverages advanced technology. It better analyzes the effectiveness of your performance marketing.
4. Expert Advice
Working with a performance marketing agency can help find experts in different performance marketing channels, which you might not be able to have within your own company or with just advertisers and publishers.

We as a Performance Marketing Agency

AskGalore Digital as a performance marketing company provides the best performance marketing services to our clients. Our performance marketing services help businesses to build a true and real online audience base, maintain transparency, and deliver favorable results. Our team of professionals have specialization in delivering results so that brands can report real results. Performance marketing services provided by our company are –

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
● Social Media Marketing (SMM)
● Display Advertising (PPC)
● Digital Strategy Creation
● Lead Generation and Sales Campaigns
● Paid Media Management

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services help brands to have targeted traffic on the website. This also helps businesses to be on the first page by having targeted traffic to their websites. SEO increases the visibility of the website within the algorithms.
Social media is another popular platform to promote business. We understand proper optimization on social networks and create search engine marketing campaigns to bring potential leads, drive branding & engagement helping, and generate high ROI for your business.
Display Ads appear on the top of the website you visit, or side of your Facebook newsfeed. Marketers are coming up with innovative ideas for display advertising that utilize interactive content, videos, and engaging graphic design. Our display advertising services allow you to reach your target audience more accurately and, in a more cost-effective way. Our main strategic steps for display advertising services include Search Behaviour Analysis, Contextual Targeting, Direct Placement, Site Targeting, Topic-based advertising.
We create an effective digital strategy for businesses so that they can reach their goals. We ensure that the strategy should be a compilation of different tactics served at the right time to the right audience since a cohesive digital strategy helps businesses to create a clear path to strategic goals, improve business performance, and determine benchmarks to hit.
An effective lead generation process results in high conversion rates. It ultimately helps to find the right customers for your business. We use a lot of different methods and strategies to provide good quality lead generation to businesses. Our cost-effective lead generation process bridges the gap between brand KPIs and effective results.
We understand that an effective Paid Media campaign relies on accurate targeting, message delivery via creative assets, and efficient management. We do a detailed analysis of your business and target audience to tell where your ad will be most effective, and you can reach customers from every angle. From Google Ad campaigns to programmatic buying schedules, we guide your online advertising choices.


Performance marketing services at AskGalore helps to create an impact of your business on your audience. First, understand what’s important for your business and then make plans for your performance marketing. We have a team of professionals having expertise in Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Revenue Generation, etc who create innovative strategies to help your business achieve the objectives and expected results. By using the best practices and methodologies, we help businesses to increase their brand awareness, offline sales, site visitation, and conversion rates. Connect with us and take advantage of our performance marketing services and get favorable and relevant results.

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