We increased the visibility of your website for maximum engagement with potential users! We are a top SEO service provider company that grows your business.

Technical SEO

Our technical SEO service ensures that your website meets the technical requirements of modern search engines for organic rankings. That includes crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture.

ON-Page Optimization

Our on-page optimization service refers to optimizing directly within the website to improve its position in the search rankings.

OFF-PAGE Optimization

Our Off-page SEO service covers all SEO tactics that take place outside of your own website. It helps in brand building & part to getting a ranking on the search engine results.

Content Marketing

We provide a content marketing service that is a strategic approach focused on creating and distributing high-quality, valuable, relevant, and consistent content. That gives profitable customer action.

AskGalore Digital - The best search engine optimization company

Why are Organic Search Results so Important?

Increase the traffic on your website through optimum usage of search engines, improved performance & peak reach. Maximum features on search results can get your website maximum visits from potential customers. We apply a variety of professional web design and marketing strategies to the challenge of increasing our clients’ organic search traffic. The benefits you get include an increase in clicks through other online channels, increases in the number of direct visits to a website, increases in visits through navigational searches at search engines, and increases in traffic at the retailer’s physical stores.

  • Brings in more customers through organic search
  • Creates a trustworthy web experience for customers
  • You can stay ahead of the competition
  • SEO is a long-term marketing strategy
  • Improves brand awareness
  • It’s trackable
  • Allows for quality traffic
  • People trust organic results
  • It benefits other marketing initiatives
  • Promotes brand awareness
  • You don’t have to pay to rank organically
  • You can build relationships with other websites
Fully Optimized SEO Friendly Website

We provide optimization services for websites. SEO Friendly Website That Ranks Well In Google

Why Organic Search Results are so Important?

AskGalore Digital - The best search engine optimization company

Increase the traffic on your website through optimum usage of search engines, improved performance & peak reach. Maximum features on search results can get your website maximum visits from potential customers. We apply a variety of professional web design and marketing strategies to the challenge of increasing our clients’ organic search traffic. The benefits you get include an increase in clicks through other online channels, increases in the number of direct visits to a website, increases in visits through navigational searches at search engines, and increases in traffic at the retailer’s physical stores.

  • Brings in more customers through organic search
  • Creates a trustworthy web experience for customers
  • You can stay ahead of the competition
  • SEO is a long-term marketing strategy
  • Improves brand awareness
  • It’s trackable
  • Allows for quality traffic
  • People trust organic results
  • It benefits other marketing initiatives
  • Promotes brand awareness
  • You don’t have to pay to rank organically
  • You can build relationships with other websites

Why choose Askgalore as your SEO partner?

As a business, you want to drive as much traffic to your site as possible from the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Those who help you achieve this are the best Indian SEO companies. These digital marketing agencies or search engine marketers specialize in SEO or search engine optimization services. Askgalore Digital is one of the leading SEO company. We can make a huge difference in driving traffic to your website and sale which is why it is essential that you choose Askgalore from those top digital marketing firms.

Now, confusion is ought to arise as to what is SEO service, what does it entail, and how you can measure if it is working? Well, we have got you covered for this. SEO is aimed at maximizing the number of quality visitors to your website or to any specific page where you want your valued customers. SEO ensures that your website appears on Search Engine Result Pages commonly known as SERPs when someone searches for a set of particular keywords. 

SEO services include these 5 key areas of optimization to help your website rank higher on search engines

Technical Search Engine Optimization

SEO begins from the development stage of the website itself. When building a website, a good developer will always develop your website keeping in mind the best SEO practices by consulting an SEO specialist. When building a website, technical details greatly impact the visibility of the website along with good design and content. Technical SEO involves the following elements that help a website appear in search engine and its high ranking.

  • Page speed
  • Mobile-friendliness.
  • Sitemap accessibility.
  • Broken links (internally and externally).
  • Crawl errors.

This is why it becomes important that you take assistance from a professional SEO company to get your website optimized for web searches

ON-page SEO

On-Page SEO optimization focuses on optimizing the page content with relevant keywords while improving the user experience. Well-written website content is pivotal for any brand to establish expertise and when you marry that with rich keywords, your chances of ranking in the search engine increase.

The process of optimizing on-page SEO involves:

  • Research of relevant keywords that have strong search volume.
  • Ensuring that on-page content satisfies the user’s search query.
  • Creating strong connections between content by building internal links from page to page.
  • Creating a balance between balancing internal links with relevant and reputable outbound links.

OFF-Page Optimization

Off-site website optimization focuses on building links from relevant and authoritative sites. This has two major benefits: presenting your website as a reputed website and driving traffic back to your website. When your website link is visible on authoritative sites specially on websites like .edu, .org, or .gov, etc., it approves that your website is trusted by these websites and that you have valuable content.

This link building includes different tactics like attaining listings in directories, publishing content on other websites, interacting with the audience, and answering questions on social media platforms, Q&A forums, etc.

The actual process includes:

  • Researching valuable opportunities for link-building outreach.
  • Prioritizing opportunities based on effort, time, and expected return value.
  • Strategic outreach with email, forum discussions, submissions, etc.).
  • Tracking newly generated inbound links.

Local SEO

Local SEO is very important for targeting the local and regional consumer base specially for businesses like brick and mortar or consumer goods that are location agnostic. Local SEO ties the above-mentioned SEO practices together targeting the region.

Local SEO focuses on search exposure in the location you serve. For example, in the case of a small spice manufacturing company, your target area would be your local geographic area within which your business supplies extend. This also becomes important for ranking well in map results apart from just search results.

Local SEO include:

  • Ensuring that your organization is listed in all the prominent locations specially Google.
  • Ensuring consistent listing across all channels and sites.
  • Optimize your website and your content using specific local keywords, like city, state names, or any local terminology keywords popular in the area, wherever applicable.
  • Ensuring link building with relevant local groups, directories and business organizations.

SEO Monitoring

This is one important part of your SEO marketing plan. Checking how is your SEO working out for you.

So, how long does it take for SEO to fruit results? While some SEO strategies fetch results within a few months, if not within a few weeks. For competitive industries, the results can take several months.

This is where a professional SEO service company comes into play. It is important to keep an eye on the SEO metrics for accessing the performance. A good SEO agency will always provide monthly reports to demonstrate the progress made and how it is impacting your business. It is paramount to look at other factors as well along with high ranking in the search engines.

Why Do You Need Our SEO Services?

There is no single factor that affects the search engine rankings, in fact, there are more than 200.   In fact, Google changes its algorithm almost 9 times a day. When you work with us, we ensure developing a strategy that helps you gain search engine exposure that generates business results. Keeping you updated on the tactics used by us for improving your search engine results, we educate you on the best SEO practices and how we use them. Our focus remains intact on improving your website traffic and getting more conversions.

Many factors decide how well your brand performs in search engines but if you have to narrow them down, below are the few most important points to keep in your SEO strategy

  • Checking whether or not your website is secure (HTTPS vs. HTTP)
  • Checking whether or not your website is mobile-friendly
  • Ensuring speed on how fast your web pages load on your site
  • Checking whether your web pages have the correct schema markup (type of website code)
  • Checking the quality of your web page’s content
  • Checking the length of your web page’s content
  • Presence of social signals and links that point back to your website
  • Ensuring the presence of quality backlinks that point back to your site.
  • Checking whether or not you have images optimized, on your web pages

How do we influence all these factors? Strategically!

AskGalore Digital is one of the best SEO companies in India and how we influence the factors mentioned above are with a few key differentiators that make us the best digital marketing company with SEO services and proven targeted strategies. A top digital marketing agency (like ours, for example) should typically include the following in their SEO contract:

  • Website structure analysis
  • Website content analysis, including conversion rate analysis
  • Off-page online analysis
  • Optimizing the website code and structure
  • Optimizing onsite content
  • Optimizing off-page factors


Every SEO marketing agency stress that they want to design your website for the users. However, we believe the other way. We believe and follow that your website needs to be structured properly for the search engines so that you can reach those users. Our expert SEO services include:

    The “s” at the end of HTTPS denotes that your website is secure. You need a secured site even if you don’t take card payments online because Google gives secure websites preference in the search results over unsecured websites.
  • Analytics setup
    Our team looks for existing analytics tracking, and if there is none, our team installs it so that we can track where your leads and sales are coming from. This helps provide the most meaningful results for your brand.
  • txt
    This is majorly the file that is used to prevent search engine crawlers from crawling and indexing pages on your website that you want to be hidden from public view.
  • Site errors
    Website errors send signals to search engines that your site is not trustworthy. So your website is not worthy of being in the premium listing spot. Common kinds of site errors include 4XX errors, duplicate page content, title tags, missing title tags, & crawlers blocked by Robots.txt.
  • Indexed status
    Your index status is decided by the search crawlers like Google bot who analyze your website for content and meaning. If you have enough quality for relevant search phrases. Indexed pages will show up in search results. This can drive organic traffic to your site.
  • Sitemap
    Your XML sitemap is a list of all the pages on a website or web portal that you want a search engine to index. Index pages contain data that is crawled by search engine bots (not to be confused with the robots.txt which tells a search engine which pages not to index).
  • Page speed
    User experience is important for search engines because they know how impatient the users are. This is why your website speed is a big factor in how well your website ranks on search engines.
  • Meta elements
    Duplicate title tags, poor meta descriptions, and site content can also negatively impact your site’s search engine rankings and click-through rate. Ensuring your meta elements are well optimized improves your chances of being found on the SERPs.
  • Conversion rates
    This is by far the most important point when we look for bottlenecks in the user experience and content that might be bringing the leads. We test different contact forms and links to find out which ones work the best for your brand.

Once all these technical details are taken care of, we move on to the following:


This is the process where the rest of the SEO team comes in. By checking out the content you already have on your site, we can diagnose several issues related to the following:

  • Voice search compatibility
  • Poorly targeted keywords
  • Poorly ranking content
  • Duplicate content
  • Missing pages
  • Name-address-phone number inconsistencies (targeting local SEO) and more.

Your website content is the most important thing you can have—it’s what will attract the visitors and convert them to leads. We analyze your content, what you already have, we move to the next step—deciding how to structure our plans for your website. We also perform keyword analysis to find the best opportunities to rank higher and connect with more customers.


A lot of your SEO success work takes place off your website. It happens on review sites, industry blogs, online directories, and many other online spaces other than your website. If you already have a loyal following, good reviews from past customers, it becomes easy for your website to rank higher on search engines. This, however, happens very often as most small companies aren’t that popular and many may have negative reviews than positive ones, irrespective of how well they serve their clients.

Reviewing the reviews is an important part of strategic SEO practices and we pay great heed to it. This includes finding your site or brand mention across the web and seeing how that can be used to your advantage. In case of negative reviews, we guide you on how to respond to those reviews and make amends with customers. Our goal is to build you a reputed brand presence online that users trust. We use the following tools to take your brand there:

  • Increases organic traffic
  • Content-focused on local and regional audience
  • Unique title tags and meta descriptions for each product and services
  • Consistent NAP across every listing
  • Authentic reviews, marked up with schema
  • Reputed directory listings
  • A mobile-friendly website
  • Authority building measures

These little things listed above make an astounding difference in extending your web presence.


Sometimes your site code and structure are aptly designed and only need a few minor tweaks. When our SEO specialists optimize your site code and structure, you can be assured knowing that you have experts handling the job. We will be:

  • Structure of your websites’ navigation so that it is easy for people to find exactly what they want
  • Cleaning up the code in your website so it runs faster
  • Eliminating any errors that Google might pick up when it crawls
  • Adding an XML sitemap so that Google’s crawler can quickly visit the different pages of your website
  • Add internal links to pages within your website so that the users can be taken to the places you want them to go to


As a professional SEO services company in India,  we believe that Content is King. When it comes to maintaining your website, it is not a one-time job that is once done and dusted. We don’t just create landing pages, we put them live, and to consistently drive organic traffic to your website, we constantly create new content. We optimize the existing pages on your website by:

  • Removing and rewriting duplicate content
  • Place keywords in your page titles to help Google rank your pages
  • Add well written, keyword-rich copies to landing pages that are underperforming
  • Creating new landing pages to draw in other visitors
  • While creating adding images, formatting texts, and changing colors to move more visitors and convert them.


Your off-site presence is just as important as your on-site factors—which is why we do not miss working on:

  • Using local SEO tactics to improve your position in the search results for local and regional terms
  • Finding directory listings of your business online, verifying them, and updating them to ensure that they contain accurate information about your brand
  • Seeking new, valuable directories to add your site into
  • Submitting press releases about new services your company is offering and other newsworthy items

Discovering noncompetitive blogs in similar industries for whom we can write guest posts in exchange for links

Continued Analysis

SEO is more than just making these above-mentioned changes to your website. What is the point of doing all this hard work if we cannot analyze the data? At AskGalore, we, not only track but test, tweak, and repeat to make SEO optimization at its peak:

  • We monitor rankings, traffic, and conversions on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis
  • We use the data gathered to determine which of the above-listed SEO practices is helping your site the most and what should be the future course of action.

Why Should you Hire only the best Digital Marketing Company?

If your business requirements or your plans fall under any of the below-mentioned areas, you must immediately take help from an SEO digital marketing agency. If you want to:

  1. Grow your business
  2. You currently don’t know how your website is contributing to your business
  3. You found a newly expanded market area
  4. If you want more people to call you rather than your competitors
  5. Want more leads
  6. Want more sales
  7. Differentiate yourself from your competitors
  8. Ensure your company’s bright future
  9. Outrank your competitors in the search results

Finally: How Do you Find the Best SEO Company for your Business?

Well, while that is a very good question it is by far the most important one as well. An SEO partnership is a long-term association, and you need to be sure of who you are trusting for your brand and business.

Not all SEO companies or content marketing firms live up to their promises of better ranking, more traffic, and more leads. It is wise to avoid any SEO company that promises you anything like the following:

  • Overnight rankings because this never happens overnight and is a constant-continuous process.
  • Doubled traffic
  • Instant leads
  • Search engine submissions
  • X amount of backlinks
  • ROI projections of any sort

You will find a lot of companies making such promises but you will regret your choice later when they will fail to fetch you results. We at AskGalore Digital, don’t make any such promises and only focus on bringing real value to your business.

You should avoid any SIGNS OF BLACK-HAT Search Engine Optimization

Consider it a red flag always when an SEO expert makes certain claims or promises about particular results in particular committed time. These kinds of SEOs give our industry a bad name and are get defames for what we call “churn and burn” practices. This often involves gaming rankings by:

  • Buying a lot of links from random, crappy, and untrusted websites
  • Using a computer program to generate hundreds of pages that are of zero value
  • Using duplicate or scraped and unworthy content
  • Submitting fake press releases for spamming links

We don’t say that things don’t work, because in some cases they do. The problem however is that they are in a cat and mouse game because Google slowly shuts them down. One such service is the black-hat SEO service.

No trustworthy professional SEO service company would recommend you such tactics and will help you to clear your website of any such malpractices. At AskGalore Digital, we are proud to be ethical and only follow practices that enhance benefits for our clients and their website SEO.

What to Ask Any SEO Service Agency Before Hiring Them

Before you hire anyone for SEO services, make sure you look at their previous works with other brands. It is again a red flag if numerous people have had issues with a vendor. Ask them up-front about reviews and case studies that prove their success with other brands. You can also additionally ask the following questions:

  • First of all, what is the current contract?
    Re-read the contract. What does it include? When does it end? etc. If you have any doubts ask and clear them out.
  • What’s the process of cancellation?
    Sometimes you won’t gain access to your website or you’re tied into a contract you didn’t know had an end date. To avoid any such instances, clarify the cancellation clause as well.
  • How and how often will we communicate?
    Set these expectations early. Otherwise, you will be setting yourself up for disappointment.
  • Would you have full access to your site and Analytics/Adwords accounts?
    It’s helpful to know who will have the FTP access, CMS access, Analytics access, and AdWords access.
  • Will you own your website?
    Many SEO companies in India have SEO services with website ownership clauses built into their contracts. For example, some will build the website for “free”, but if you leave your contract early you will lose all rights to it. We don’t do any such things of course. When you buy a website from us, it’s yours from day one.
  • Most noteworthy, do they provide guarantees?
    So, no good SEO company provides guarantees. Because each website is different, it’s impossible to guarantee results. If a company does, you need to back away ASAP!
  • Have they done work for companies similar to yours?
    This is crucial. Different industries have different nuances and SEO requirements, which means you need to find an SEO provider that knows your industry. With AskGalore DIgital you will not have any such difficulties.
  • What contracts and options are available? How to determine the right budget?
    it depends on your, goals, competitive landscape, and internal capabilities. One size doesn’t fit all
  • Finally, what are the fees and payment options?
    Be sure you know every single aspect of how you are going to pay for and what SEO services cost you will be paying. Otherwise, you might have your work withheld because you “didn’t pay”. The perfect solution to avoid any such situation is to hire the best Indian SEO company– AskGalore Digital

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